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    How to manage Lenovo Computers...?

    sthon Apprentice

      We are in the process of swithcing from Dell to Lenovo.


      The Documentation of Dell Systems and the Software was excellent, I had a package that would automatically update all the systems drivers and BIOS. It was easily done through the good documentation.


      Now I am looking for the same kind of documentation for Lenovos (ThinkCentre M700 to be exact) and I just can't find anything.

      If anybody of you is using Lenovo Computers, could you please give me some kind of starting point. Where do you get your documentation from, how do you handle driver/bios updates, etc.


      I Downloaded a Cloud Manager (Server and Agent) and hoped it would come with some documentation, but no. Not even an icon to click, just some services that are running and I have no clue what to do with them.

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          sthon Apprentice

          So far i found a "System Update Solution Deployment Guide". Main Components are a "System Update Retriever", a "System Update" and "Thin Installer".

          I can download updated Drivers with the Update Retriever and I am supposed to be able to install them with the "Thin Installer" if i package the downloaded Drivers with the Installer.

          So far it only works manually. I can't get the Thin Installer to silently install the packages. Has anybody a working command line for the Thin Installer?

          The ones in the documentation wont work for me.

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            dherder Specialist

            I'm not sure if I understand. Are you looking to deploy the drivers via LANrev SD packages?

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              sthon Apprentice

              Hi Dave,


              yes - but with the Lenovo specific tools. They do not seem to be working right when run as "System" account.

              Dell had the nice DCU (Dell Command Update) which ran nicely. The tool from Lenovo seem somewhat lacking in this regard.


              So I am just looking for some other folk who also use Lenovo Systems and see if we can exchange our experiences.