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    Opening a Knowledge Article in Self Service using a URL in a Servcie Catalog Item

    jasonkearney Apprentice

      Has anyone had any success in opening a Knowledge Article in Self Service (in the Knowledge Tab) from a Service Catalog item?


      I have a requirement for users to populate an Excel Template and then submit as part of a Service Request. The way I wanted to achieve this was by directing them to the template which is stored within an existing KB article in the Knowledge Centre. We successfully created a URL as per HEAT instructions to open the KB article and confirmed the URL as correct by copying and pasting into a browser address bar, successfully opening


      The screenshot below is from the Request Offering. Once published, the link you see inside opens up the KB article within the Service Catalog item itself, it opens another HEAT session within the existing HEAT session!


      We have followed the guidance as advised the help file set out below:


      Use the following code to navigate to the Knowledge workspace and open a knowledge article:


      The result is the below:

      Any thoughts appreciated