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    Problem step « Minimum Requirements » - HEAT DSM 2016.1.1 update

    rgrenier Rookie


      I'm doing the update HEAT DSM 2016.1.1 on our test environnnement.

      I have a problem with step "Minimum Requirements" on a management point: Warning : Job transport failed and will be retried  (--> Management Point : Windows Server 2012 R2 - BLS : Windows server 2008 R2).

      I didn't error on another management point (Windows server 2008 R2).


      Logs in Nilogs\Update folder :

      14:54.17.989  0    EvTJobHandler.dll  Using URL http://XXX2:8080/EventReceiver/EventService.asmx to communicate with Management Point 66162 (Management Point (XXX2))

      14:54.18.025  0         nwcmclnt.dll  Role based login succeeded with XXXX\XXXX

      14:54.18.025  0      EvTransport.dll  Try to add a new job on remote machine using URL 'http://XXX2:8080/EventReceiver/EventService.asmx'.

      14:54.47.922  2      EvTransport.dll  WinHttpReceiveResponse returned: 12002

      14:54.47.922  E Warning (Module:mgmtagnt.exe, Severity:0x03):      EvTransport.dll  Failed to receive a response. The operation timed out (0x00002ee2)

      14:54.47.922  E Warning (Module:mgmtagnt.exe, Severity:0x03):      EvTransport.dll  Failed to query headers for status code.

      The handle is in the wrong state for the requested operation (0x00002ef3)

      14:54.47.922 2      EvTransport.dll  Failed to send soap request 'InsertEventInQueue' with error



      Have you any idea ?

      communication OK between BLS and Management Point.


      Thanks !