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    Agent Deployment Center shows IP Address or DNS entry rather than Computer Name

    swimber@emory.edu Apprentice

      My Agent Deployment Center (ADC) scans multiple IP ranges where we have computers.  Historically I saw computer names for each, even computers that I do not have rights over.


      Recently (I am not sure when it started, I don't use ADC often) my list of "Computer Names" has been comprised of computer names, IP Addresses and DNS names representing DHCP addresses.  Even computers that I do have administrative privileges over are listed as merely an IP Address or DNS name rather than the actual computer name.  Is this a setting within LANrev that I may have inadvertently set incorrectly?  I have run LANrev Admin Console on multiple workstations and received the same result, so this may be a change in our networking that I am unaware of, but I thought I would start with LANrev to see if anyone had seen this before.


      I am running LANrev 7.0.


      Since I share multiple network subnets with many other support groups, the machine name is the only way I could possibly make the ADC useful.  Without it, the only install method I have is Agent.msi via GPO and I have seen issues with this deployment mechanism as well, so the ADC is my fallback.

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          patgmac1 Expert

          So being that we're at the same org, I scanned one of your networks (the DUC), and one of mine (188.0-191.255). I do see a much higher number of [file & print sharing enabled) PC's on your network that only report the IP address, only a small handful report their name. I have a few Macs on that network, but no PC's that I can see. I did try a couple (undocumented) tweaks that help with some people. In the HKCU/Software/Pole Position/LANrev Admin/ hive, you can add DWORD keys for CustomZoneSearchExtendedNetBIOSResolution set to 1, and/or NetBIOSMachineNameProbeTimeout set to a number of seconds (default is 5, I tried 10). But those didn't seem to make a difference on your network.


          On my network, most of my PC's show up with the computer name. BUT, most of them have an agent installed so that might cause them to report their computer name more accurately. However, I've not had much of a problem deploying agents with the ADC on my networks. Try scanning my network and compare.


          One thing that can be different with our networks is DNS search suffix. If you have a DNS search domain configured in DHCP such as campuslife.emory.edu, that might override the default eu.emory.edu that we have. The computers reside in eu.emory.edu so your ADC might assume that suffix.


          One additional tool I have in my arsenal for fixing agents is http://andyamaya.com/easy-deploy/. You can feed it a list of computer names and it'll check if they're online, or you can search AD for computers. Only downside is it won't tell you if the agent is installed already.

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            swimber@emory.edu Apprentice

            Patrick, When I scan your network I find 108 systems with a dhcp computer name which looks like the DNS name of the network rather than the device name.  Some of those devices have a valid LANrev agent with version number reporting.  That said I think it's the same symptom.


            I have machines (Windows and Mac) in 45 different subnets, but in no subnet do I have all machines, we share networks with other groups in every case.  I have LANrev set to scan each subnet and I have a filter within ADC set up to show me only machines that match a naming pattern to limit my machines.


            Even on my own machines, 51 report as IP address as the name, 99 show up with the dhcp DNS name and 150 show up with the computer name itself.  Normally I see about 450 of my machines with names.


            I currently show over 350 additional devices on the network that report with only the IP or DNS name and rather than attempting an agent push to all of them I would like to push only to systems that I believe are mine.  I used to see nearly all computer names rather than IP or DNS and I have no idea what has changed.  Is there a setting withing LANrev I could have set differently?


            During the recent upgrade from 6.9.3 to 7.0 I had turned off the Group Policy Object (GPO) as it was causing havoc with our agents.  I recently turned the Group Policy Object (GPO) back on so that new machines would get the agent as they connect to the domain, but I have found that the GPO attempted a reinstall over the same software has caused the agent to stop functioning where the system just stops reporting and ADC cannot detect an agent installed.  The GPO was our only distribution of the agent and during the upgrade process it was useless as it was attempting to upgrade agents. 


            If there is a better way to upgrade agents while using GPO as delivery I'm all ears.

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              patgmac1 Expert

              First of all, you probably know this but if a machine does not say "OK" for Access Status, assume it's a Mac, or a PC not joined to the domain. I expect those to show the dhcp hostname. Those can all be ignored.


              You sent me a list of machines scanned on one of my subnets and it does look similar to what I get. There are a bunch that show as OK with a dhcp hostname. I'll probe a bit more to see if those are PC's. That network would commonly have Macs or Linux machines that might have SMB enabled which would cause that same thing.


              As for the GPO deployment, we had the same issues you did. So we now have a sh!tton of broken agents out there. Darwin is working on improving that so it only installs on machines that don't have an agent. I think he was planning on using a WMI filter. I'll check with him on his progress.

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                swimber@emory.edu Apprentice

                Is there a way to configure LANrev such that the Agent Deployment Center will show the Computer Name in the Computer Name column rather than the IP address or the DNS record for the IP address? 


                Even on my own machines reporting to my own LANrev server I see a list of IP addresses and DNS names rather than the actual computer name so this is not just on routers and network devices, this seems to be LANrev wide.

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                  baotran Apprentice

                  Sorry, there's no such setting like what you're asking for that I'm aware of. It seems that the ADC attempts a reverse NetBIOS resolution first and then a reverse DNS resolution second. If both fail then it will just list the IP. In your case it seem that the reverse NetBIOS resolution is failing.