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    Add a server for LM


      Hi there,


      I would like to add the LM service to my current setup (1 server for all). As far as I remember, over 1000/1500 devices, I believe it is recommended to add 1 server for this (optimization guide ?) to minimize workload on the main one. Can anyone already did it and where may I found the documentation to make it by my self ? I unfortunately often have trouble to find easily specific documentation on Heat support website. I might be the only one but why not adding all documentations in one place to download center ?


      Thank you.



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          baotran Apprentice

          Hi Karl,


          Servers take on the role that you point agents to them for in the Servers tab of the Agent Settings command. To add a new server for License Management you'd need to

          1. Set up a new LANrev Server.
          2. Log into it and define some licensing specifications.
          3. Assign these licensing specifications to computer groups.
          4. Run the Agent Settings command on all your agents and specify the address for this new server 1) as an additional inventory server in the Servers tab and 2) as the License Monitoring Server in the lower right hand corner of the Servers tab.