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    Flash Player and 366 ESR updates not working as expected

    framigni Rookie

      After more than a year using LANrev 7.0 third-party patch management feature on Windows 7 Pro clients with no issues, we have suddenly bumped into few problems when trying to update Flash Player ESR.

      The version failed just after 50 download/installation with the error PPX_ERROR_EXPIRED_LICENSE_KEY and we are unable to Retry or Reset the package on the failed PCs

      The version downloads and installs but popping up errors on client screens that "Administrative Rights are required for completing the installation", an unacceptable issue for us because it would determine hundreds of calls to our helpdesk at the roll out.

      Heat support were unable to replicate the problems and can't give us a solution, just a recommendation of upgrading to LANrev 7.2

      I wonder if anyone else has found issues with Flash player recently.

      To be noticed that all other third-party packages (e.g. Java runtime, etc.) work just fine.