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    Creating new BO - Fields problem

    stapletj@tbh.net Apprentice

      I am trying to create a new BO under CI. I added a field "AssetLink" which exists in all of our CI BOs, no problem.

      When I try to add SerialNumber, I get the error: "Error 1: Field SerialNumber already exists in table Access Point."

      The same error for any other field.


      Most of my CI BOs have some overlap in the field names.


      Can someone suggest where I am going wrong?


      Version 2015.2.1001.13310

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          stapletj@tbh.net Apprentice

          I found the fields I add before saving when I create the BO worked, but after saving, I couldn't use fields with the same name.

          So I entered all of the fields, then tried to save, and got a system error:

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            florian1 Expert

            The field SerialNumber already exists for some group objects (e.g. "CI.AccessPoint").

            It's a known issue with shared fields which is fixed in 2016.1.1. Now, if field names are overlapping, you are being asked if you want to use this shared field.


            As a workaround you can (more precise: have to) create your own field on the CI object and use this one instead.

            As soon as you have upgraded to HEAT 2016.1.1 or 2016.2 you can revert this change.

            That's how I did it.

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