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    HEAT DSM 2016.1.2




      due to the holiday season DSM 2016.1.2 has not yet been approved by QA and will be released in the course of next week, August 26th at the latest.


      Best regards


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          Hello again,


          DSM 2016.1.2 has not been approved today as expected, as QA found an issue that we want to fix before releasing:


          • When using the automatic Patch Download based on Patch Roll-out Rules, it can happen that superseded patches are downloaded and assigned. That means it can happen that policies are created and deleted in the very same Installer Run.
            • This is affecting especially the Shavlik Integration, because here the standard is that the Client reports superseded patches
            • In the PatchLink Integration it can only happen, if the environment is keeping superseded Patches for a longer time
            • IT also only affects non-incremental patches


          Basically this means that a lot of policies can unnecessarily be created&deleted each day.


          Thus we decided to fix this for DSM 2016.1.2, which also means a restart of the test phase. As we want to give the proper time and effort to quality, the QA will go for a full regression on the new Build and the Patch will officially be released on Friday next week (Sept 2th).


          If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly.


          Best regards


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            sbr2 Expert

            Thank you very much for this detailed information.

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              DSM 2016.1.2 will be available Wednesday 7th September. During our tests we have identified an issue with the AD import. We have decided to postpone the release by another 3 days to provide a fix. We apologize for any inconveniences.

              Best Regards,

              Andreas Fuchs, Product Manager

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                System32 Apprentice

                We still can download 2016.1.2_3438.zip. Do u release another Update after that with the fixed AD Import?

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                  Dear all

                  HEAT DSM 2016.1 Patch 2 Build 3440 has been released and is available for download on https://support.heatsoftware.com