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    Install Application constantly failing for many users in MDM

    ryan.bender@charlottecountryday.org Apprentice

      Every few seconds the Install Application command will show up for some users in Queued Commands and go away pretty quickly.  The errors under Command History are "the operation could not be performed because the App ID could not be verified" and "the iTunes Store ID of the application could not be validated."  It seems to be happening every second or two.  It's not happening for everyone, but there are quite a few users I'm seeing this happen to.  I have an idea which application is causing this, but how do I confirm that?  Also, the only similarity I notice is that they're on iOS 9.3.1.  I created a policy and assigned an action to have the names I see update to the latest iOS version.  The ones who do update don't seem to show up anymore.