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    How to calculate incident resolution duration?


      Hello all,


      for the incident metrics we want to use incident resolution duration. In our point of view it should be calculated as a time duration between when Incident status was set to 'Active' and when status was set to 'Resolved', removing time spent while Status='Waiting for 3rd Party' and Status='Waiting for Customer', regardless of any other exceptions.


      Problem is that in the following example, TotatRunningDuration in Resolution Escalation Watch does not reflect the actual time an analyst spent resolving the incident.

      1) Set Resolution Escalation Schedule to "Recalculate the escalation clock value from business object's creation time"

      2) Configure resolution escalation schedule for priority 1 to target Duration of 2 min.

      3) Configure resolution escalation schedule for priority 2 to target Duration of 4 min.

      4) Register an incident with priority 1 and status active

      5) Wait for 5 min

      6) Change priority to 2

      7) Check escalation clocks and notice that priority 2 escalation TotatRunningDuration starts at 4 min (from priority 2 breach time) and not from 5 min. (from time of incident creation date).


      Does someone has faced the same issue? Is it possible to work around this?