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    Barcode scanning directly to HEAT?

    wynnb Specialist

      Has anyone tried, or know if it is possible, to use a barcode scanner that is connected directly into the HEAT application? For example, to scan a barcode and have it search for a CI? I assume the device would have to be a smart phone or tablet. Any thoughts?

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          dcogny Expert

          Well... a barcode scanner is always recognized by the system as a keyboard, if you find a Bluetooth scanner you might be able to link them and just select the scanner in within the "Input" methods. If you have USB scanners, then you need a USB OTG (On the Go) capable device with an adapter, but it should work the same way once connected.


          Said that, it's all theory, never worked with barcode scanners (although is in our roadmap) nor with the HEAT Application.

          Let us know the outcome if you ever try it!