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    Request offering versioning - how does ist work?

    wernerbj Apprentice



      I have a problem with modifying request offerings. There are some ROs which have to be modified very often (issues in RO, changes in workflow or form). The workflow is automaticly versioned by HEAT. So all running service requests will use the old version and all new service requests will use the new version of the workflow.

      But what about the fields in the request form? If I delete a field in the form this field will be also deleted in every (old and new) service requests. For example: If I delete the field "description" and add a new field "comment" no customer or service desk employee can see the deleted description field in the self service detail page or the parameter tab in the service request. This is regarding all new and all old(!) service requests, because there is no versioning of the request form!

      A workaround could be creating a new request offering containing this change. But: The counter starts at 0 so there is an effect on the top categories. The other Problem is, that I have to use a unique Name for this request offering. I can change the name of the non modified RO to "order xxx Version 1" and add a new RO named "order xxx". But all customers who ordered RO "order xxx" in the past will see in self Service the new name "order xxx Version 1". That is not good!


      Has anybody an idea to solve this Problem? How do you deal with this problem?


      best regards