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    Copying pre-configured Form Controls in Request Offerings

    louise.piper@it.ox.ac.uk Apprentice

      Dear All

      I am currently building a number of Request Offerings and finding it extremely frustrating not to be able to copy Form fields that I've already configured, either in the same Request Offering or from another that works in a similar way.

      I was wondering if this is what the Public Templates and My Templates could be used for in the Form Designer Tools, however cannot find any information about these in Help or the KB.

      Does anyone use these Templates? If so, how do they work:?

      I've raised an incident asking support if there is any documentation on Templates and if these are not used to enable Request Offering designers to re-use Form Controls, to raise a feature request.

      I'm currently managing it by manually copying the details of each field into a document and copying back to another field. Clearly this is not an efficient use of time.

      If you are also interested in being able to copy Form Controls within and between Request Offerings, please could you also log a feature request? If more customers see it as an issue, the more likely it is to be implemented.


      Thanks / Regards