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    EMSS 8.4 Installation Manager displays "access denied" to admin user

    markuszierer Specialist

      Hi there,


      as i wrote in a previous post, i have accidentially shut down my SQL Server with EMSS DB's for a couple of day's without noticing it. Once i restarted the SQL Server, i'm able to log into the Webinterface but since then, EMSS 8.4 is not working properly. I'm not getting any status updates from my clients. Even when i deploy a new client, there is absolutely no update on the displayed data. I have the bad feeling that something's really wrecked up with the Server. So i tried to modify the config, but when i start the Installation manager, it just show's me an access denied error upon the login attempt. this is funny, because it's an administrative account which should not have any restrictions.

      My guess is, there's some problem with a DB (Transaction Log Full, max filesize exeeded or simmilar). But i have no chance to log into an administrative interface. I even do not have any kind of idea where to look for logfiles to do a more detailed troubleshooting


      Anybody some tipps or ideas on how to deal with this issue? (except contacting support, yes i know i can do that)