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    Using custom fields in a form

    stapletj@tbh.net Apprentice

      I would like to populate a field from CI.Printer into the Incident header. It allows me to pull from CI.Service, but I don't see a way to edit a field arbitrarily.


      How would I get around this, short of creating a new field in Incident, and populating it across?

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          SusanJS Specialist

          Maybe I'm not understanding your question?  Are you just wanting to just pull data for read only or are you wanting to actually edit the other object?  I'm assuming that since you are pulling it into the header, you are just wanting to pull the data for read-only purposes.

          Also, Is the field you are wanting to pull specific to CI.Printer for the main CI group object?  If it is specific to CI.Printer, you may need to create a relationship between CI.Printer and Incident.  Otherwise, you should already have a relationship between the main CI and Incident.