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    DSM 2016.1.2 - Bug with converting encrypted Passwords from ODS Variables

    markuszierer Apprentice

      Hi There,


      i found a bug at a customer. When you try to convert an encrypted password back to cleartext (e.g. use the set command to create a new Variable and use an ODS Variable with encrypted password field as source) this does NOT work if you use the Execute locally (F7) option. When you use the same script, but assign it to target and let the package install by AI or Service, the password is converted correctly.

      Can somebody please verify in their environments if this issue exists as well? I would assume, the issue is also with DSM 2016.1.3, but did not have the chance to test that out yet. Can somebody who has updated to 2016.1.3 already verify if this issue exists there also?