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    VBscript waits for child processes before installation marks as complete

    sthon Apprentice

      Hi there,


      I have a vb script that

      • kills some processes
      • does something I need it do to, that can't be done with aforementioned processes still running
      • restarts the previously killed processes

      This all works well, except the fact that now the LANrev installer waits for the processes started by the scripts to complete.


      I already tried running the processes through a "cmd /c start" but LANrev still waits.


      The actual script part is this:

      for each app in split(MyProcessReRunList,";")
        if app <> "" then objshell.run("cmd /c start ""restarting"" " &  app )


      I have something like this in a batch script for another project, but I wanted to go with the VBS as it offers me more flexibility and error handling.


      Any Ideas how to get LANrev to notice that the script is done?