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    Approval reminders for service requests


      I'm looking for ideas on how to configure recurring reminders for service request approvals. Ideally I'd like this to happen for all service requests, but if someone has accomplished this within a single request offering, I'd like to know that as well.


      I have one SR in particular that uses a contact group for approvals and everyone must approve for it to move forward. There's no approval deadline for this request because we don't want it to time out, we just want to remind them to respond every couple of days. I was able to configure the workflow to send the reminders using the timed out exit on the approval block, but once it's timed out, of course, they can no longer approve it.


      Any advice you can offer would be appreciated. I'm not super advanced with my admin skills, so more detail is better please.

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          AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

          Some ideas...not tested:

          1. Put a workflow on the approval object and see if it will loop through a wait block and on time out 2 days it sends a reminder to the approver


          2. Run a scheduled workflow to run every couple of days on the FRS_ApprovalVoteTracking (possibly FRS_Approval) object using the Run for Search action block.  This could run a quick action to send a reminder for each open approval.  Use the PrimaryParentCategory field so you could run only for service requests.


          Option 2 looks best, try it in staging, if I get sometime I will try to work something up.

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            AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

            Ok Option 2 works the outline is below:


            1. Create a new saved search on FRS_ApprovalVoteTracking, Status = Pending; PrimaryParentObject = ServiceReq

            2. Add a new Quick Action to  FRS_ApprovlaVoteTracking to send an Email with your chasing message

            3. Add a New Scheduled job entry to run every 2 days

            4. Create a new workflow on ScheduleEntry Obejct:

                 Workflow elements and layout: Start > Run for Search > Stop

                 Set the Run for search block to use your new saved search and new Qucik actions created above

                 Set the Workflow trigger on the ScheduleEntry to your new scheduled job


            5. Create some approves in a pending state and wait for the workflow to run...to test set the scheduled job to every hour.


            Please note this should be used at your own risk and completely tested in staging before introducing to Production.

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              florian1 Expert

              For 1. You should add a condition to only consider approvals with a LastModDateTime greater than 24 hours.

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                I got it working! Thank you both so much for your help!