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    Referencing service request parameters from quick actions

    jeffnohl Apprentice

      Hello to all

      I've seen a few references in these forums to referencing service request parameters from quick actions, so I'm pretty sure it's possible, but I can't quite figure it out.


      There are two things I'd like to do:

      - Run an export to excel including some service request parameters and their values.

      - Be able to update certain service request parameters from a quick action which is manually run. (So not part of a request offering workflow)

      The first is probably the more important one as it would allow some adhoc reports to be created.

      When creating the new action to export to excel, the foruma editor creates $(GetSRPValue(RecId, "FieldName")), but this then causes the exported file to become corrupt.


      Has anyone done something similar, and can you give an example?