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    Salesforce.com Integrations for HEAT SM for 2016.1 and newer

    holger.weeres@heatsoftware.com Apprentice

      Hi Everyone,


      I am excited to let everyone know that we just listed 2 more Integration packages provided by our team.

      The Salesforce.com integration is an optional integration. This integration allows you to synchronize contacts

      and accounts between Salesforce.com and HEAT.

      There are three supported mechanisms in this integration:

      ■ it supports bulk imports of accounts and contacts from Salesforce.com to HEAT to initially

      synchronize the two systems.

      ■ Salesforce.com can be configured to automatically send updates to HEAT when new accounts and contacts

      are created or existing ones are updated.

      ■ HEAT can update Salesforce.com contacts when modified through a quick action. You can call

      the quick action manually or configure a workflow to automate the quick action, depending on

      whether you want all updates to HEAT contacts to be reflected back to Salesforce.com. Installing

      the Salesforce.com package automatically initiates this process in the workflow.


      PLEASE CHECK PREREQUISITES before trying to load the App into your environment.


      We also brought back a SFDC Integration package for all customers that are still on 2015.2 (ONLY!) utilizing older methods/APIs for integration purposes.