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    Block particular outgoing emails

    ramchandran_selvaraj@vwr.com Rookie

      Hi All,

      Can we block the outgoing emails from HEAT ?

      I want to block the out going emails for the particular recipients.


      For an Example:

      [email protected] sending a mail to HEAT which will create Incident for the email. HEAT will send the notification to [email protected] that Incident has been created for you.

      I want to block the notification to [email protected].


      Kindly help me on this!


      Thanks in advance


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          florian1 Expert

          Hi Ramachandran,


          I don't think there is a straight forward way to do this.

          If it is not that urgent you should create a feature request with HEAT because I think there are far better options to be implemented on application level.


          Just as an idea (I assume you do not use "reported by" when this person is involved):

          - Add a boolean field to the Employee object called "noConfirmationEmail" or similar and place it on the form.

          - Go to the employee having "[email protected]" as PrimaryEmail and check this field.

          - Add an initialization rule: "noConfirmationEmail" = false


          - Add a boolean field to the frs_compositecontract_contact object called "blockConfirmationEmail" or similar.

          - Add an initialization rule: "blockConfirmationEmail" = false


          - Add a before save rule in the Employee object:

          blockConfirmationEmail = $(nvl(noConfirmationEmail,false))


          - Add a boolean field to the Incident object called "blockConfirmationEmail".

          - Add an initialization rule: "blockConfirmationEmail" = false

          - Add a before save rule:

          blockConfirmationEmail = $(nvl([Frs_CompositeContract_Contact#.IncidentAssociatedCustomer]blockConfirmationEmail,false))


          - Go into each Incident business rule / workflow which sends out emails

          -> in a workflow: add an if condition and refer to

                    blockConfirmationEmail is not true


          -> in a simple business rule: Add a conditional expression



          -> in a business rule with composite actions: Only modify the recipient list

          $(if blockConfirmationEmail then "" else Email)




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            ramchandran_selvaraj@vwr.com Rookie

            Hi Florian,


            Thank you for writing it back! Much appreciated for the time spent on this request.


            I already created the solution which you have given to me bit in different way.

            I created Employee Team called Blocked Recipients. So we can add users in the in the team and it will be maintained by admin team.

            Used the relationship between Employee Team(Stand User Team) and Incident

            created 2 fields in incident called BlockedTeam and BlockedUsers.

            Used the existing pick list "Employee Team" for the field BlockedTeam.

            In the initialization rule, update the Team name ("Blocked Recipients")  in the BlockedTeam field.

            In Editing and Calculation rule, Update email IDs in BlockedUsers field from Team ("Blocked Recipents").

            BlockedUsers field will be placed in the Incident form. This way in all notifications (business rules, workflows) add condition whether Customer email is in the part of BlockedUsers filed.

            if Find(CustomerEmail,BlockedUsers)>0 then true else false).


            I raised this discussion to check, is there any way to block out going emails at one place (like Email Config, emails etc). This will avoid writing condition in each notifications in the incident.


            I reached HEAT support, they said out of scope and asked me to make use of Help and community.


            Please share your thoughts on this!


            With Regards,


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              florian1 Expert

              As I said, I don't see a viable option yet.


              When comparing both approaches I would prefer to have a field on user level instead for the following reasons:

              • you don't have to modify the StandardUserTeam object (otherwise your BlockedTeam will pop up in the task picklist)
              • you can handle 20+ users with ease (when thinking of automation during an import)
                • how do you ensure an "unblocked" user will receive mails again for existing Incidents?
              • Performance I: If I got you right you are using ForEachChild() to populate the BlockedUsers field.
                • ForEach-Loops demand more ressources than a simple join-statement
              • Performance II: A bit field is easier to index and takes less space than nvarchar(max)


              But this is of course always depending on business requirements.

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                ramchandran_selvaraj@vwr.com Rookie

                Good thought!


                I will implement the idea and keep you posted on the performance.


                Thank you once again!