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    CI Import from Excel via Quick Action

    m.kasper Apprentice

      Hello all,


      we need to create an option where an SDA can import Ci's from a list like Excel and link these to a Problem. Does anyone know how to solve this approach?

      is there a best practice? I looked into it and did not find a "Link from List" quick Action or else. Above that all, using the Data Import Connection would mean to grant admin rights. Basicly, I want to avpoid that.


      Any ideas?

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          florian1 Expert

          Hi Martin,


          which version are you using?

          They promised to include a file listener option soon. Hope this will be implemented by 2016.2 (or is it already included in 2016.1?).

          This would be the easiest workaround.


          Since there is no QuickAction like "import from Excel" (as opposed to HEAT7) and the Data Imports requires Admin rights,

          here are some (of many available) workarounds:

          1) Create a data import connection, schedule it to run every x hours. Your analysts put the file onto a share.

          - create a temporary business object to hold the values

          - Use Search & Link on Insert

          - Delete records after inserted


          Your analysts will have to put the file onto a file share. This file should include 3 columns: BusinessObject, ProblemID, CIName

          Every x hours your CIs will be linked.


          2) Create a simple WPF/Powershell GUI and provide it to your analysts.


          3) Create a remote host connection, a simple application and run the import on server-side. Your analysts put the file onto a share.

          As an alternative to 2) this option works on server-side.

          You can use Powershell or C# or any language you like. This tool will simply import everything in a given share.


          -> the hard way:

          - Your application retrieves the Excel file as an attachment from a given business object, links every record and deletes it afterwards ;-)


          4) Create an E-Mail-Listener with XSLT. Your analysts send an email in a given format.

          Your analysts copy/paste from Excel and send that mail to a mailbox..

          An Email listener can transform nearly anything.


          5) Create a new business object for maintaining the CI Links. Have your analysts maintain it.

          I don't know where they get this Excel list from. But maybe it's enough to have them inserting it manually?

          You can use business rules & search & link afterwards (or provide a button for on-demand imports).


          6) WebService connection (BETA): ?? (haven't tried them out yet)





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            m.kasper Apprentice

            Hi Florian,


            thanks for the Input! This customer uses 2016.1 and no QA Import to be found.

            Yet, your suggfestion seems to be a good way Forward!