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    Initial mapping for SCCM to HEAT

    hollyosburn Rookie

      We are in the midst of implementing HEAT SM 2016 and have finally been able to connect to our SCCM database.  However, the mapping process is a bit more complex than we expected.  Has anyone done this mapping recently and if so are you willing to give us a heads up on how to begin?  We are surprised that this isn't more out of the box...Any suggestions, words of wisdom, encouragement or 'run for the hills!' is much appreciated.

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          SusanJS Specialist

          Hi Holly,


          Not sure exactly what you are looking for, but I'm more than happy to help.  We pull from the following SCCM tables:



















          Email me at Susan dot Brady at UCHealth dot org if you would like more details.

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            hollyosburn Rookie

            Thanks Susan!  We were able this morning to now get some initial mapping working.  We now have a larger issue - our SCCM is being upgraded and it is our understanding the Microsoft only supports WIndows Authentication (NOT Mixed Mode) for SCCM 2014.  As far as we can tell, HEAT's SCCM integration requires SQL Authentication.  Are you using Mixed Mode or SQL Authentication on your SCCM database?  I may put a new question out to the group to see how others are handling that hurdle.

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              rkelsall Rookie

              Hi Holly, where are you based? I can get your sales enginneer to follow up and make sure you have what you need here.

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                CKaku Rookie



                We are in the process of mapping our SCCM 2012 data. We had to go to mixed mode auth to establish the connection over our VPN.


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                  SusanJS Specialist

                  That's good to know.  We're on 2012 using SQL auth over VPN.

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                    mlangston Rookie

                    HI Holly,


                    We did a POC and had to have the DBA change to Mixed Mode to connect to the SCCM DB.  We are an On Premise Install.


                    Mary Beth

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                      DeWetTheHitmanBarry Rookie



                      We are currently running HEAT 2016.2


                      Looking at integrating HEAT with SCCM 2007, SCCM 2016 and SCOM.


                      We are having issues whereby we cannot connect with a Windows Service account with all the necessary permissions to the SCCM 2007 SQL DB?

                      Initially the DB was set to only allow Windows Authentication however after reading this post we changed it to Mixed Mode, but still cannot connect to the SCCM DB via the HEAT Front End using the builtin SCCM Connector? We are currently an On-Premise solution


                      We get the below error

                      System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (HRESULT:0x80131904) : SQL Error 18456 : Login failed for user 'company\service account_dev'.

                      Could not login to server. Check if user ID exists and if password is entered correctly.


                      Can anyone confirm if HEAT only accepts a SQL ID / Password to authenticate to the SCCM SQL DB or if SCCM 2007 or 2016 only accepts a Windows authenticated account?

                      Would seem odd that we would have to only use a SQL ID account specifically to authenticate and connect to the SCCM SQL DB via the HEAT Front End?

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                        AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

                        It is SQL Authentication only, typically we create a read only account on the SQL box for ISM to read the SCCM database.


                        If you are using SCCM 2012 you may need to change some of the field mappings as well for example Role0 maybe come Roles00 this also applies to some of the other fields dependant on SCCM version.



                        Here is a link to the document from knowledge article: Issue and Resolution #17592 which explains the process a little more.

                        SCCM Extract.pdf

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                          DeWetTheHitmanBarry Rookie

                          Hi Alasdair,


                          Thanks for the in depth feedback, much appreciated.


                          I logged a ticket with the vendor and they came back saying that there is an existing development ticket already logged RM 241036 for this functionality.


                          it may get included in ver 2017.3 later this year, but will have to wait and see

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                            PCloadlett3r Rookie

                            Appreciate the PDF link Alasdair :-)