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    Search and populate SR user details

    Gazz Apprentice



      Due to the nature of our business we have quite a large freelance user base which means the freelancers often rotate in, out and back into the business again within a month or 2.

      We are in the process of creating a "New Freelance starter form" so would like to create a search field which checks "Employees" in the system and if it returns a positive for the name will auto populate the remaining details e.g. Name, job title ..... (I realise that there may be false positive due to another operon have the same name however they are unlikely to be in the same production line)


      Has anyone done this and can you step me through how to create this search and populate and any associate expressions required etc.





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          AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

          Hi Gary


          There is no search feature as such with in the Service Request form designer...if you use an employee pick list it will do a type ahead search as you go but does not carry the same functionality as a for example the incident form link field functionality.  The down side of the drop down is that all users are visible.  In terms of copying the employee fields to other fields e.g. Department, Location etc. you can use the additional fields functions and then pass those values to new fields.


          • Add a dropdown box
          • Set the pick list to employees
          • Add the additional fields required



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            You can created a constrained PickList to show you only the Employees you want (Adding a Freelance flag for example):




            This allows you to have a pick list constrained by other objects in the Request Offering form:




            In my case, the PickList will only show the CAPs that have been assigned to the car selected on my previous drop-down.


            For pre-populating information, Alasdair's response is the right one


            PS: Monday morning... re-reading your message I am not sure if you were looking for this, I leave it there in case it can help someone...