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    Using Incident for Break/Fix and Requests


      We're planning on moving from HEAT Classic to SM 2016, and I'm playing around in a sandbox to check it out. In classic, we select an incident type (Request or Failure) which then populates the categories/call types. In 2016, it appears that Requests are entirely separate from Incidents, which seems cumbersome to me, particularly if a customer calls for an update on a ticket. Depending on how a technician entered their request, we may have to search 2 different places. An example would be a customer needing access to a network drive. We've had techs in the past enter this as a request since the user needs the drive, and others enter it as a failure since maybe they already have access, it just failed to map at login for whatever reason. In this case, if a customer calls for status, we may search for the request, not find it, and then search the incident.


      I was wondering if anyone out there uses Incident for all of their tickets, or any way to deal with this shift of workflow for the Help Desk.


      We were thinking one way to do it would be to rely on additional detail tabs like:


      Service: "Desktop Support"

      Category: "Break/Fix", "New Computer Setup", "Peripheral Setup"


      The category would trigger an additional details tab where we would fine tune the type of break/fix, or requests, so break/fix and requests could be mixed in the categories.


      I'm sure this is not the "proper" way the product has been designed to work, but of course, we're trying to keep our productivity up after the transition and not introduce anything that would slow down what we're doing now.


      We will be using Self Service, which I haven't dug into too much, so I figured that would also play a large role in the design.

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          sadams Rookie

          We use the Incident module for both Break/Fix and for Requests.  This is the was HEAT was originally designed - there's a field called "TypeOfIncident" that can be unhidden, populated with a pick list to denote Incident or Service Request and put back on your Incident Details Form.  Then your SDA's just choose the type as the ticket is assigned but they can still search for everything in the one module.

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            Donna Apprentice

            We use both Service Request and Incident.  Out-of-box there are searches for My Items which covers any type of ticket.

            We used to do it the other way but this has been working very well.  Anything a client wants/needs is a Service Request and anything broken or a password reset is an Incident