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    If and Join statements - Is there a way to see what is happening?

    jeffnohl Apprentice

      Good day to all HEATers out there.


      I've been trying to debug a request offering workflow for a while, where I've got an if statement leading into a few tasks, then a join block. It's a part of a much larger workflow, so this is only one part. (Please disregard the dodgy MSPaint work where the other parts of the workflow have been removed.)


      What I can not however get working is the Join.


      Whatever I do, the join does not complete. I've deleted all blocks, recreated them, tried different orders in joining, but I just can't get it to complete.

      Is there a way to debug workflows and see what the block is actually waiting for? Any tips would be appreciated.


      For clarification, the "Approved" output of the approval block connects to the "Please be advised..." notification block.

      All other outputs of the approval block connect to the "Non-standard hardware denied" notification block.