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    Changing the Customer of a Service Request

    yannick1 Apprentice

      Hi all,


      I have been able to remove the read only rule on the customer field in Service Request so that a user can change the customer of the Service Request after it has been submitted (just like you can change the customer of an Incident). However, when you select a new customer, the Parameter tab with all the parameter details are cleared and the user will have to select a new template hence loosing all the previous parameter details information.


      I have checked to see if there is any business rule which triggers to clear the Parameter tab but did not find anything. Is it possible to change the customer of a Service Request without loosing the parameter details information? If yes, how is this possible?


      Thank you.

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          dcogny Expert

          Hi Yannick,


          We have that working for the "Reported By". Sometimes the user creates the request and then the analyst finds out that the creator of the request is not actually the customer is someone requesting it for them, I created a QuickAction that allows the analyst to move the current customer to the "Reported By" and picks a new customer from a list, it does not clear the parameters:




          The "Active Employee List by Secondary Display Name for RecID" is a custom list, use one of yours, it should work as long as the "Value field" is the RecId:




          If you just want to remove the previous customer and a a new one instead, you can ditch the "AlternateContactLink" and the "AlternateContactLink_Category" fields, it should work too.


          Please, feel free to ask if need any clarification!



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            yannick1 Apprentice

            Hi Daniel,


            Thanks a lot for your valuable input. This worked like a charm.


            Thanks again.