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    Gazz Apprentice



      Is there a way of building lists which can be used in offerings globally? I find my self having to recreate the same list for each offering over and over within each offering...

      Must have missed this in the training.

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          AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

          Yes, you can create a new business object add fields and forms.  This new object can then be used in a Pick List which can be called upon in a Service Request.

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            I handled it the same way Alasdair recommends with a slight twist.  I created a single business object which I named "Request Offering Variables", and it contains a Filter text field, Variable text field, and a Sort number field.  When I create a new pick list I use the "Filter" field as a constraint and the number field as the sort by.  An example would be:

            Filter     Variable     Sort

            Cat1     Hello          1

            Cat1     Jello           2

            Cat2     Mellow       1

            Cat2     Yellow        2


            If I wanted to create a dropdown in my Request Offering with Hello and Jello, I would create a new picklist from the "Request Offering Variables" business object with the constraint: Filter Name Equals "Cat1" 


            I could then use this picklist across multiple Requests.  Additionally, I created a Data Import Connection so I can import values rather than typing them, which comes in handy for long lists.  To add or remove single or just a few values, I just go to the business object and update it.


            One thing I haven't done, but have been thinking about, is creating a new layout and publishing it to other roles so that business owners could manage their own lists. 

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