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    Email Distribution Lists in RO

    Gazz Apprentice



      Is there a method of importing email distribution lists from AD/Exchange into a RO's. I would like to create a list from which the users can select which group they would like to be added to, or removed from, when submitting the service request without having to know all the Distribution list names.

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          florian1 Expert

          Hi Gary,


          you can either


          1) (the easiest/quickest way): create a PowerShell script, query your Exchange or AD server, transform the results into CSV, XML or use the SOAP API with UpsertObject()


          2) (technically the best way in my opinion): create a new synchronized business object and use Exchange Web Services in Web Service Connections


          3) create an LDAP import for groups and schedule it to run every day




          If possible: add a new CompositeBase ContactType as an extension (siimlar to ExternalContact). Choose you new object as a "user business object"

          You can ask HEAT if this is supported.


          If not: Simply use the employee# object and import the groups.

          Set them to "Disabled" during your import to hide them from popping up in ProfileLink fields (I assume you use LinkField2 option in forms).



          As soon as you have got you data you can create a PickList and use it in your RO.




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