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    IE not responding

    lgtandi Specialist

      Occassionally, my users report that their HEAT client hangs (IE states that the website does not respond). We are using Internet Explorer 11. Typically, this happens if they execute a quick action with one or more prompts in it. It occurs with different quick actions (the only common thing I noticed is that there is at least a call of the prompt function in each of them) and it does not occur with every call of these quick actions (in most cases, it works as desired). Moreover, it seems to be a browser-related problem, because if a specific user is affected, all the other users can still work with HEAT.


      I noticed that in the "frozen" case, always an "iexplore.exe *32" process is running consuming 25% of the CPU. If I kill this process, the HEAT website is recovered and in most cases, the user can work again. However, sometimes this procedure must be repeated two to three times.


      Does anybody have a hint what could cause this behaviour?


      Many thanks,