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    All Provisioning Tasks Failing


      I am trying to deployed a set of applications with a provisioning template.

      These all fail with the following result

      Status = Failed

      Result= policy has been made avvailable


      All that is in the templated is software distribution tasks.

      If I create a template with one SWD package, this also fails

      This fails on all clients. It seems to make no cotact with the client

      Using Landesk 8.8 SP2


      There are no issues in deploying software in general






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          bnelson Employee

          Can you post the template. It sounds like the issue is likely the way the jobs are built. I have found very limited success with pushing distribution packages using provisioning. What I have done to get around it is package my applications so that I can do command line installs and the build the templates so that I am executing a command. The command would call the exe or msi and then I add the command line options to  configure the installation defaults.