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    Is there a way to manually trigger the OS-Patch scan from a client?

    sthon Apprentice

      A lot of my Windows (7 and 10) clients have the problem, that they do not accurately and in a timely manner their missing patches to the LANrev server. At the moment I perform the following tasks on the server to the clients to remedy the situation, which helps a little:

      • Gather Installed Software - Scan for missing operating system patches
      • Gather inventory
      • Run software distribution check

      Now I had the idea to create and deploy a windows planned task to do this action on the client itself on a regular interval.

      I do not wish to use the server to schedule these events as the command queue would fill up and the clients do not always have a solid connection to the server (firewall, etc). Actions started on the client side seem generally to run better.


      I know there are command-line options for the LANrev client to send inventory and run a software distribution check. Is there a similar command for the os patch check?


      For reference, these are the command line options I know about, feel free to add your own:

      • --SDCheck
      • --SendHeartbeat
      • --SendInventory
      • --ShowOnDemandPackages