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    Mobile Notification

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      Hello all,

      I would like to send a mobile/cell text notification to technicians using a trigger action (on incident object). The text alert/s would only go out IF a certain Category is selected. Is this possible? Has anyone configured Cell/Mobile Notifications?


      Thanks in advance for your thoughts, comments, and/or feedback!


      Current Set Up (Heat Version: 2016.2.0.19301 @ Built On 2016/11/12)

      The above set up, gives me this error -

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          Most all US providers have an Email Address/System available that lets you send emails to people's phones as Text Messages.
          I am going to suggest you create a simple TEXT only email and send that to the Text message phone numbers of the users. A website URL is below giving the most popular email addresses for the various providers.

          That is a simple and effective fix for this, and will do exactly what you want.


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            How would this work if your employees have different carriers? Some have Verizon, some have AT&T, etc.


            I really wish there were examples of how to set this up, the documentation sucks.