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    Anyone using the new Self Service Mobile?

    gjarvis Rookie

      I was curious if anyone is using the new Self Service Mobile. It looks much nicer then the default Self Service and looks to be (slightly) more customizable, but seems to have some oddities with my existing Service Offerings. So if anyone is using it, what problems have you found with it, and are there any workarounds.

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          tspeakma Rookie

          We are brand new customers and skipped Self Service to go straight to Self Service mobile.


          We found the look and feel to be more appealing but there is a few things we had to do get it to work properly for our environment


          First one is everything is a request offering. So we created a request offering for each of our Self Service Templates


          In order to get those templates to show without seeing our other request offerings we had to create a filter search that display only the request offerings we want to show


          The current problem we are trying to figure out is how to get the side bar to be pinned by default. Our users have had a hard time figuring out how to get back home. They usually end up clicking the back button which usually brings them back to screen that displays my items instead of home to the mobile dashboard.


          The 2nd issue we are looking into is our emails that have links that direct the user straight to the incident opens up in selfservice instead of self service mobile so for now we just have the links bring them to the mobile website instead of straight to the incident.


          Below is how our self service mobile looks so far. Hopefully this helps.


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            dcogny Expert

            HI Timothy,


            We are using the "default" Self Service because of the links not working. We put a request to HEAT to fix it (May 2016). I just had that request Resolved:

            This RM Issue has been scheduled in: HEAT Service Management 2016.2


            Hope that helps you...





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              ben.prinsloo1 Apprentice

              As nice as this looks, there are some limitations to consider. For one, the active Knowledge base don't work on a new incident. If you type a subject line it doesn't pop up with resolutions as with standard self service. As mentioned before the menu is hard to find for standard users. There is also some business rules which were defined for selfservice perspective which won't execute (Initial values). If your modifications aren't too drastic using the existing templates, this might go unnoticed.

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                Hi Timothy,


                I couldn't help but notice the common user issues you have there. Are these templates that your "customers" can use when they click on them? And if so, do you have any idea how I could set something like that up for us as well? 


                As you can see in this image, we have an empty spot there. We would love to be able to put a list there where people can either choose some default templates, or when possible even an empty template!


                At this moment it is not possible to create any incidents in the mobile self service, which prevents us from using this for the whole company.


                Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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                  YMoual Apprentice



                  I was wondering how you added the link "Open a new Incident" as shown below:



                  I am trying to have such links like Open new Incident or Submit new Service Request of View all my items but I could not find out how to add such links.


                  Thank you.

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                    AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

                    Try this:



                    It uses a short cut widget...make it look better than my attempt please



                    The RecId is the RecId from the Request Offering for a form offering of New Incident (this is from the demo database but you can create you own easily enough...below)




                    Then go to the publishing tab and click the direct link button and take the RecId from the URL and use it in the shortcut config above.





                    I hope this helps...you can do this for any request offering form or request based

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                      YMoual Apprentice

                      Hi Robertson,


                      Thanks very much for your guide. I was able to get these shortcuts now as shown below:



                      Many thanks again.

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                        EDIT: Looks like I was too slow! I'll leave it here anyways but I see I was beaten to the punch!


                        Hi YMoual,


                        Adding that button is a two-part process. It's not too difficult but it's a bit counter-intuitive. Here are the steps we performed, hopefully this is what you're looking for!


                        Please note the following assumptions:

                        1. You already have a form layout created for this offering
                        2. You already have a Request Offering created that utilizes your form
                        3. You have full administrative rights


                        Before being able to create the direct link, you will need to obtain the Rec ID of the Request Offering you wish to utilize:

                        1. In the regular HEAT interface (not the Configuration back-end) go to Request Offering
                        2. Find the form in question and open it
                        3. In the 1. Define form offering section, click on Direct link to this offering
                          • req_offering.png
                        4. Copy the string after Template= at the end of the URL:


                        Once you have this information, switch to the Self Service Mobile view (as administrator) and do the following:

                        1. Create or edit an existing part/button and choose Shortcut under the Widget menu
                        2. Under Options expand Actions and select the following options:
                          • Target: Self Service Workspace
                          • Workspace: Service Catalog
                          • Command: Create Request Offering
                          • RecId: Paste the ID you copied from earlier


                        That should be all the necessary steps to create a button that brings users to a new incident form

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                          YMoual Apprentice

                          Hi MW2,


                          Thanks very much for the detailed steps. I was able to configure this now.


                          Many thanks.

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                            YMoual Apprentice



                            Do you know if configurations done in the Self Service Mobile are captured in projects/packages?

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                              AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

                              I have just tested it an it appears to save in the project as transactions.

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                                YMoual Apprentice

                                Thanks for the feedback.