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    Files being deleted from SDMCache on preferred servers


      Agent used - LD 8.7 SP5


      Backgorund - I'm planning an Office 2007 rollout to multiple sites so I'm caching the Office 2007 install files to my preferred servers (40 or so of them) using a blank batch file adding the installation files as addition files to the task.


      Around 10 of the sites I manage cannot be seen from the core server but they devices on the site can see the core server (long story) so I've used a policy supported push to get the files to these, the others I've used a push.  Both delivery methods are custom methods where I've specified in the multicast limits options that files stay in the client and MDR caches for extended periods (years)


      The problem I have is that files are staying in the cache only if it's a push to a server the core can see, if it's a server that the files have been cached to via my custom policy supported push then they are deleted after a few days (the tasks finished on Saturday, I noticed it today).


      Any ideas why?