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    Scheduling task assignments

    wynnb Specialist

      Looking for help on how to schedule a task assignment in a request offering for a later date. For example, I have a request offering for software installation that gives an option for temporary installs; if they choose that (along with the usage end date), I want the workflow to add a task to uninstall the software. The problem is that I haven't figured out how to set that task (which may not be due for a month or more) so that it doesn't run the escalation based on the creation date of the request.


      What I really need is to pause the clock on the request, and create a task with a due date set as the usage end date from the ticket.


      I've tried using an extended task in the workflow, but haven't been able to get around the automatically selected completion date, which is set by the escalation rules.


      Any ideas?

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          AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

          There are a few options does does the uninstall task need to be in the system or could you use a wait block in the workflow until x time has passed (can be stored in a field) and then create the uninstall task?


          The pausing the escalation clock, you could add a new status to ServiceReq something like on hold and then pause the escalation clock for this status.


          Software is then deployed, status changed to on hold and the wait block kicks in, after the wait the uninstall task is created and the status can change back to active.