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    Work flow update

    Gazz Apprentice

      I am trying to get a workflow to update the status of the SR to "Waiting for customer"  after a task (One day account extension) has been completed but for some reason I cannot get the workflow to execute when using the "completed exit port. The other update exiting this block using the "Logged" port seems to work fine as well as the update after the approval block.


      Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 14.15.23.png

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          florian1 Expert

          Please note that a "task" block is basically just an advanced "Switch" block.

          It only evaluates one condition.


          This is working fine for me:

          - after SR is created:

          - after my task is finished:

          My update block failed because I have a triggered action prompt() firing preventing the workflow to continue.

          But that's fine here as I just wanted to show you the block going on after task completion.


          If you need to wait for two different task states you should think about something like two separate "Wait for Child" blocks instead.

          Hint: You can use as many "stop" blocks as you want (need). :-)

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            dcogny Expert

            Considering that the task is going to be created as "logged" anyway, you could add the "Update to Logged" block before the Task creation, and then change it when the task gets completed...


            My 2 cents...




            BTW: As it seems that the approval is going anyway too, you could send first the approval and then, when it is already been approved, send the task. (that would make it 4 cents!)

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