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    Cannot see link field when setting primary key in relationship dropdown

    yannick1 Apprentice

      Heat version: 2016.1
      Hi all,


      I created a link field called "AA_CostCenter" in Frs_CompositeContract_Contact so as to be able to access this field from Incident. I have also created a relationship in Employee where i want to set this link field as the primary key. However when i click on the dropdown, this field does not appear in the dropdown list as shown below:



      What is strange is that, the OOTB OrgUnitLink field uses the same logic as my implementation i.e it was created in Frs_CompositeContract_Contact and a relationship was added in Employee where this field has been set as the primary key:



      However this field does not also show in the dropdown list:



      Has anyone ever faced this issue before?