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    Automated approvals


      I am using Heat 2016.1.1   Currently in the change workspace we have approval workflows.  There are approval groups that might have the same individual belonging to two groups.  As an example, we do SME approvals as a step and CAB approvals as a step.  If Steve Jobs were in both groups, he first gets the SME approval and approves on behalf of that group (we require 1 approval to proceed).  When it gets to the CAB member approval Steve would then have to go back in and approve the same change a second time.   Is there a way that I could write an if statement, or a rule in approval vote tracking that says something like:   If the approval has the same parent ID, has the same owner and status is approved, set status of this approval to Approved. Or something that would auto approve the second one. Thisvassumes he's already approved it the first time, so therefore he will the second time.  I was then thinking of also updating the journal notes with something similar for auditing purposes. That part Ican do. Where I am stuck is how to automate the approval. 


      Any ideas?