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    Audit trail for the record ID taken from non-saved record.


      Most users would find the record ID is not sequential (example: 10001, 10002, 10005, 10006, 10008 etc....). Some of them is missing.

      I understand the unique record ID is taken when we open a new record such as incident without actually saving the record .


      Is there any default audit trail that can show the record ID is consumed because of this non-saved record situation instead of the record ID just vanish?


      The workaround I can think of is to build a separated field to save a number when press save button.

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          petec Rookie

          First question, is not having a complete sequence of Incident IDs a problem?


          If so then you can reconfigure the system to create the Incident IDs only as you save a record using the "On Save" Business Rule. This would mean that there will not be an Incident ID on the screen while you fill out the Incident when talking to the customer but it will be available when you have saved.


          It is simply a design decision, to create an Incident ID on a "New Incident" or as you "Save the Incident"


          Second question is why do you need the missing numbers?


          The Incident ID is the value we use to find saved records, so gaps are just a record that was started but for some reason did not get saved.


          There is no audit trail for these missing numbers, my advice would be to train my team so save a new record early in the creation process. Gather the minimum required data and save, then complete the rest of the record.


          If you choose to only create Incident IDs on save then you will have a tidy sequence but any records closed before save will still be lost.


          If you need the list of Incident IDs then use the searches or a custom report to access this data, the missing ones will bee the gaps


          I hope this helps, these are always design related and decisions made during the setup phase and sometimes we do not know what will be the best design until we use the system.

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