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    Deploy software pre-Windows logon?


      Hi all


      We have used LANDesk 8.5 for many years and are in the process of migrating to LDMS 8.8.  We would like to deploy software before users can logon to their machines.  Group Policy installations can do this but are limited to MSI only installations and there is reporting (that we're aware of).


      Is this possible to use LDMS 8.8 to deploy software pre-Windows logon?




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          I have since discovered that it is possible to configure the "machine state" within the LANDesk Agent for Policy-based distributions:-

          Agent Configuration (Software distribution -> Policy Option -> change setting -> Run filters -> Machine State)


          The Machine State for a Policy-based installation can be:-

          screensaver or desktop locked
          desktop must be locked
          machine must be idle
          user must be logged in
          user must be logged out

          I have not yet tested if this allows us to install software pre-Windows logon, but I understand that this setting will be applied to all the policies that are implemented on the device with this agent installation - This setting cannot be defined for Push tasks, as the mechanism used is very different.


          However, I suspect the lack of "no user must be logged on" option suggests that pre-Windows logon installations may not be possible. Is this correct or does the "user must be logged out" option achieve this goal and, if so how, please?


          Also, I notice it's possible to change the Machine State when defining a Local Scheduler script - but I don't think we could deploy software using Local Scheduler scripts?


          Any advice would be most appreciated.




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            zman Master



            I'm wondering if you could simply run either amclient or policy.sync.exe (depending on your version) from actions ini.

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              Thanks zman, this is helpful, we didn't know this was possible and will investigate.


              However, although we could use actions.ini to start software installation before the user logs in, it doesn't appear to prevent users from logging in during the installation.  Is this correct?


              Ideally, we need to prevent users logging in until the software has finished installing, just like Group Policy installations.  I am surprised this is not a standard feature of LANDesk Software Distribution, or on the road map at least (?).  Perhaps it's just lacking a Windows Service, like the Windows Installer Service, to initiate the installation during startup?  Would it be possible to create a Service to do this using SC.exe?