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    Key differences between CI and CI.Component?

    keifer2008 Apprentice


      I'm currently setting up my CMDB. We don't use Discovery and instead are importing items from LANDesk, SCCM and a few other systems.


      I'm looking to stick to just CI and don't plan on using Components, however for an item like an Operating System (ex Windows 10), would there be any issues down the road if I create it as a CI type instead as the OOTB CI.Component?


      My plan for my CMDB would be something like this:

      CI.Enterprise App > CI.Server > CI.Operating System > CI.Server App


      How do you guys setup your CMDB?



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          AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

          The CI.Component part is for things like software or in dept data collected from Discovery/SCCM imports


          You can just import or manually add data for devices e.g. RAM, CPU etc into the fields on the CI object and forget about components if you want to.  Most of my customers not using Discovery tools just manually add or import the basic CI data for tracking assets and mapping dependency.

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