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    Pricing action

    Gazz Apprentice

      I notice today that when an item is selected from a drop down list on a request offering the Product Name (e.g.Microsoft Surface Pro 4) of the item selected is not displayed but the field name (Circled in red).

      Is this normal?

      How do I get this to display the product name in the price list?

      The workings in the back ground seem to be correct, and this doesn't happened when I use a "List" control and pricing displays the product name.





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          schaetzle Rookie



          Although the request was made some time ago, no one has reported a solution.


          I had the same Problem, did you find a solution or a work-a-round for this problem?


          The handling of the prices in the offerings is very difficult,
          Not only that it is not possible to define the product name, but also access to the price from the price list is difficult too.


          So far, I found no nice solution to the problem