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    count recurring svc subscr of employee

    wernerbj Apprentice



      I Need your help.

      I am trying to implement an Expression, which Counts a specific number of Service subscriptions.

      I Need to know, if the customer has an specific, active serviceSubscription or not.

      I tried the following:


      $(FindAncestor("Employee",   "Frs_ITFM_Recurring_Service_Subscription",         [Employee#.SRAsscocCUSTOMEREmployee][Frs_ITFM_Recurring_Service_Subscription#.RecurringServiceSubscription]RecId      ,   '$((Status == "Active") && ([FRS_PriceItem#.PriceItem]ItemName == "Test"))'))


      The Problem is, that there is an 1 to many relation between Employee and RecurringServiceSubscription. So, the findAncestor function doesn't work.


      Do you have an idea?


      best regards