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    Generate new incident if current is closed using XSLT

    johan.henningsson@tetrapak.com Apprentice

      We are using the XSLT as email processor and everything works find and dandy except when customers reply to an email conversation linked to a closed incident. We would like system to generate a new incident if the related one is set to status closed. Today it just generates an error in the log since the record is read-only.


      Anyone who managed to solve this?

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          Hi Johan,

          you won't be able to do this from within an xslt.

          I did the following to get somewhere close to your desired behavior:

          1. allow the Admin role to edit incidents in Final Stae
          2. set a marker field (I called it aaEmailUpdate) in incident from within the xslt
          3. create a trigger on that field with condition Status=="Closed"
          4. that trigger calls a composite action which
            1. creates a new incident (copying some information from the closed one, adds text references, etc.); I use InsertChildObject, as I have a incident-to-incident relationship to link arbitrary incidents
            2. reset the marker
            3. Notify the owner

          That way I get at least a new incident with information from the old, closed one.

          However, the incoming email that triggered this procedure stays with the closed incident. There could be a way to link it to the new incident, but didn't invest any time into it.


          Perhaps its a starting point for you.