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    Test/Development Environment mangement

    ccrispin Apprentice

      Just wondering if anyone is using HEAT to manage/book test environments? We have a number of test and development environments and find it challenging to keep track of who is using them and what their status is.


      It would be great to get some kind of tracking where people can see a calendar of which environment is in use.


      Anyway just putting this out there to see what other people are doing in this regard

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          AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

          You can create your own calendar objects in the HEAT system, for example I have created team and CI booking calendars for customers.  I would caution you that there is are no resource management features as such ootb so any rules around double bookings etc. you would need to write in workflows or business rules.


          I would create your test environments probably in the CI module, add a new object for test environment calendar bookings, create relationships to the test environment CI's.   Then add a calendar which looks at this new object.