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    Error retrieving Disk Image from distribution point

    sthon Apprentice



      At the moment we deploy two Servers to get images onto out systems and to manage and update them.


      The first one is a local server which handles PXE-Boot and put a Windows image on our Hardware.

      The second one is a remote server in our data center which handles Software Packages, Inventory and so on. They are completely separated. The LANrev agent installs only after the Image has been applied to the target computer.


      This is done because the PXE Image does not load properly from the remote server in out data center.


      Now I had the fabulous idea to get rid of the second system, by working some magic with the PXE image and a distribution point.


      What I have so far:

      New PE Image (on a USB drive for testing purposes)

      • Configured to access our primary server in the data center
      • Certificate and Servername correctly applied
      • A local distribution point with enough hardware resources (Windows 10, 8 GB Ram, 512GB SSD, GigaBit Ethernet) that works distribution software packages
      • Working Windows Image on the primary server and on the distribution point


      Now the Problem:

      The PXE boots from my USB drive, contacts the server in the data center, retrieves the reinstallation task and tries to contact the distribution point (which is on the same network as the target computer). Then the image retrieval fails with the error: 

      "Get Image Header ...Error"

      "Open Image failed."


      As I myself haven't set up the original system, I am a little clueless as to where to start looking for the problem.


      Any ideas?