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    Should I create a new priority?


      I'm being asked to create a Priority 6 in Incident with a ridiculously long SLA (years!).  Basically, this is because people don't want to use Service Request yet.   Every bone in my Heat/ITIL/Service Management body is saying not to do this and that it is the wrong thing to do... however, I'm struggling to come up with really strong arguments for why not.  My thoughts so far are around:


      a) adding a new priority sounds a bit of a nightmare and fiddly, since it is linked in so many places and in so many different business rules, triggers and quick actions. It's made slightly more complex in that we've already tied priority to category as people didn't want to use impact and urgency.

      b) For some of the types of things they want to log e.g. System Enhancements, it would be just as quick to set up either a new business object or to configure release/project to be used instead as to fiddle about with a new priority.

      c) If there are still items which don't fit into release/project/new object then I could just create exceptions in the escalation schedule for these categories.

      d) If we added a really long priority there could be a system overhead in terms of watch records that last years.


      Anyone else done this or have any thoughts around it?

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          vee Specialist

          I agree with you in that there are much better ways to achieve this, and they are asking for Incident to be used in a manner which it's not intended for. Also someone will have to look at that Incident sitting in their lists for a few years? No thanks.


          Can't really help you argue with the business, but I will wish you good luck!

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            Hi there,

            are you sure, you are in the right process? Incident Management is used to get a disturbed service back to working mode, so made for quick restauration. The time aqquired for active and so on is categorized by priorities. If you want to add  a priority witha long SLA  - as mentioned years - what does the service look like? Logically speaking, there we find an SLA for a service, which - once there is an incident a service interruption as to speak - can be repaired within years. So why do you maintaion a service, no one cares if irt is working or not?

            Is that known to the business?