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    To push task through Localsch.exe on all desktops




      We are in a phase of deploying CISCO NAC in our environment.

      This NAC appliance checks for the security patches in the desktops and if the desktops are not patched then it puts the machine in the "Auth" VLan once all the patches are installed then it puts the machines in to it orginal Vlan.

      My problem is that whenever the machine changes its IP address its not highlighted in the Landesk Console automatically but when we run the inventory scan manually from the machine, the changes are seen in the console.

      Now we are planning to run the inventory scan through Localsch.exe, we have tested the command and its working fine i.e this schedular will run whenever the ip of the machine changes.

      Now we want to push this task accross all the desktops in our organisation, we have around 2000 - 3000 desktops. Is there any way where we can push this task eitehr through Agent configuration or some batch file etc.


      THanks in advance


      Suprith Karnad