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    ServiceNow Integration

    dlong Rookie


      Has anyone in the community done any work on integrating Heat with ServiceNow?


      The situation we have is we have two separate service desks, one using Heat and another using servicenow. We will be passing service calls between the desks but want each to have separate tickets but to share updates.

      I am looking into if it is possible for heat to have an option in the work flow to raise a call in servicenow which is automatically linked to the open heat ticket. Once this is done I would then like updates in the service now ticket to be show in heat.


      I'm sure this is possible using the APIs available in both but any guidance or assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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          adefilippis Rookie

          Hi David,


          we read your question and would like to suggest the following:

          Right now we are developing a solution to the same task you just described and would love to get in contact with you to help solve the issue.

          Please feel free to send us a private message to get in contact and discuss the next steps.


          We are looking forward to your response.


          Kind regards


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            c.reinhardt84 Apprentice

            Hi David,


            we realized an Interface between Service Now and HEAT using the email listener functionality. It is not as comfortable as using API but it works ok. We created a seperate Mailbox which is only used for this Integration. If an Incident is created in Service Now, we'll get notified and create an Incident on our site and vice versa. Updates are also shared this way.


            It is an oldschool Interface but works for us

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              xili Apprentice

              Hi Christian,

              With the email integration interface, do you create the corresponding incidents automatically or manually at either side? Thanks.

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                c.reinhardt84 Apprentice



                they are created automaticaly. Also updates are shared automaticaly. If the ticket is resolved in HEAT, it will automaticaly resolve in Service Now.



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                  Dan@Dataseti Rookie

                  Hi David,


                  My name is Dan Davis with Dataseti, a HEAT partner company. We have 2 senior consultants on staff that, in addition to their extensive HEAT experience, are also very experienced with ServiceNow. Both of them have done several integrations between HEAT and ServiceNow. including what you are trying to achieve.

                  If you would be interested in our assistance, please contact me at [email protected],




                  Dan Davis

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